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Shandong Kingnow Machine Co., Ltd,the council member of China national household paper industry association,provincial new & hi-tech corporation,is established with parent company of Taiwan Kingnow Machine.Our company is located in the beautiful kite capital -Weifang,has R&D center in South America(Brazil) and the honorary title of "enterprise technology center of Shandong province","Household paper equipment key lab of Shandong province" and so on.
Now it is the largest non-woven fabric and domestic paper processing equipment production base in north of China. The company's products are all series of domestic paper equipment, mainly including:    non-woven fabric folding machine production line high speed slitting machine,intelligentized toilet paper production line,napkin machine,facial tissue machine etc.Our machine have sold to over 30 provinces in domestic and exported to more than 40 countries of South America,Africa,Middle East and so on.Kingnow machine insists on the business purposes of "use technology and services continued to create maximum value for customers",have the courage to explore and innovate,continuously deep in household paper full value chain,now it becomes the lead brand of China household paper processing equipment.

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